Is pregnancy unethical? Yes, says UK bioethicist

Welcome to the Brave New World.

Do you realize what this says? Do you realize how utterly misogynistic this bullshit is? This isn’t, “we need to fix the problems that women and especially pregnant women face in an androcentric society,” or, “let’s eliminate medical complications that arise with pregnancy,” or, “motherhood and women need to be more respected in our society, how can we bring that about?” but, "a woman’s very body means she’s different from men, and that’s bad, it must mean she isn’t as good as men, so by gods we have to make her body manly." This is sexism at its finest, masquerading asĀ Feminism. It makes me sick.

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    perhaps we should make men bodies more feminine and then THEY can make babies
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    This is taking feminism to “wtf” level. How is being a mother suddenly wrong? How is wanting to give birth suddenly...
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    Suddenly pregnancy is an illness. Cause that makes perfect sense.
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    The world is insane. Can I just go live out in a cozy cabin far away from society? That would be the best.
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    this. also, it’s called “sexual reproduction” for a reason.
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    Now we can farm babies like in The Matrix! I mean there is no way that could go wrong, right? So if pregnancy is “an...
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    I like the idea that we can work towards a better society where people do not need to suffer should they need to,...
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    bah, she just wants attention. ignore the crazy lady.
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    I’m sorry, but what the fuck? is the only response I can muster at this particular moment. If I weren’t so tired right...
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    What in the world?
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    “Pregnancy is barbaric, Dr Smajdor contends – an illness so serious that it is comparable to measles, which is also...
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  22. agentsama said: So this is the society we live in now… *sigh* Truly this is the Culture of Death.
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    one of my favorite books becoming reality? but seriously, dudes, it’s not like women automatically become pregnant at...
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